Update – 345 pm

Reflectivity (left), velocity (right) from BMX radar



A band of supercell storms has formed in western Alabama and is now moving into central Alabama. These storms are rotating.

The one with the most vigorous rotation, that has caused the NWS to issue Tornado Warnings for northern Walker, southern Winston, and now Cullman counties, is currently west of Cullman, approaching Trimble and possibly Exit 310 on I-65.

There is another one in southwest Jefferson county with rotation and a significant “hook echo” on radar, but so far the NWS has not issued any warnings on it. It went right over Tuscaloosa with no damage reports I am aware of.

It will be interesting to see what happens to these storms in Cullman and Jefferson Counties as they cross a thermal boundary between the cooler air trying to come in from Georgia and the warm humid air over west Alabama.

Dr. Tim Coleman


Twitter @timbhm

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